Jim’s Cafe

Jim’s Cafe had been growing steadily over the past 12 months, but his social media engagement was low despite his efforts to regularly post. I was hired to assess what was lacking, and implement a strategy that would lead to more engagement.

Working closely with Jim, we found that while his social media posts adequately displayed the menu, the warm, and inviting ambience that I felt as soon as I walked into the cafe was missing from his posts.

I created a series of video posts that captured the aesthethic of Jim’s Cafe, and in a short space of time Jim saw a sharp increase in his followers as well as increased foot traffic into his cafe.

I&M Plumbing & Drainage

I was hired to write the website copy for a plumbing company that had previously operated on a word-of-mouth basis and was looking to gain a web presence.

Successful digital marketing for tradespeople is notoriously competitive and the clients did not have the means to compete with companies paying 10k+ per month in advertising and SEO, but simply wanted web copy that adequately described what they did, the value they offered, and what set them apart from the competition.

My challenge was to find a way to ensure that the limited exposure the website would be getting would end in conversions by writing copy that demonstrated what was unique about the business.

In a space of approximately 6 months, the company has been contacted through the website on numerous occasions leading to approximately 50k in revenue, despite it’s lack of organic reach.



Jim's Cafe

Despite regular posting, Jim’s social media engagement was very low, and so I was hired to create a strategy to increase social media engagement that would lead to an increase in patronage. We added some video content designed to capture the warm and inviting atmosphere in the cafe, which led to an increase in engagement and over the months, higher rates of walk-ins.

I&M Plumbing & Drainage

The client did not have the budget for an SEO campaign, but simply needed convincing web copy that would convert the limited amount of traffic. I spent some time with the clients in figuring out what was unique about what they had to offer, and how to maximize conversion rates given limited exposure and wrote copy that reflected the companies strengths.With as few as 3-4 site visits a day, the website generated over 50k a month worth of leads

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