Struggling to find the right words to sell your product?

It has been said that your product is only as good as the copywriter that sells it..

Well, maybe it hasn’t been said. Not yet, anyway. Not as far as I know.  But that doesn’t make it any less true! I’ve seen countless examples of an excellent products that won’t sell simply because the words describing it are dull, and unappetizing.

I write top notch copy that will have your customers scrambling to buy your product.

What makes for top notch copy?

While there are many aspects to copywriting, in my years of experience I’ve found that if it isn’t persuasive, engaging, credible, and concise you could have the best product money could buy, and it will not sell.


Encourages the reader to take action.


Believable. Not loaded with empty promises or hype.


Writes content that captivates the audience


Makes it’s point without bloat, or unnecessary words.

a case study

I was hired to write the website copy for a plumbing company that had previously operated on a word-of-mouth basis and was looking to gain a web presence.

Successful digital marketing for tradespeople is notoriously competitive and the clients did not have the means to compete with companies paying 10k+ per month in advertising and SEO, but simply wanted web copy that adequately described what they did, the value they offered, and what set them apart from the competition.

My challenge was to find a way to ensure that the limited exposure the website would be getting would end in conversions by writing copy that demonstrated what was unique about the business.

In a space of approximately 6 months, the company has been contacted through the website on numerous occasions leading to approximately 50k in revenue, despite it’s lack of organic reach.



“My web content was not generating the traffic that I wanted. Hiring George led to a 40% increase in traffic, as well as 20% conversion rate increase. I would recommend George to anybody.”


Owner, Jim's Cafe

“George’s skills in content writing are first rate. The results exceeded our expectations and our business is in a much better place having hired them”


Social Media Manager, A&S Insurance

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