Describe a problem that is specific to this service

While the problems described in your homepage and services page are general, this problem should be specific to this service.

Again, write a paragraph on how your skills in this field can solve the above problem.


case study


Describe a specific example of high quality work you’ve done for a client in the past.

What was the purpose of the project/ what problem was it trying to solve?  

What tools or insights did you draw upon to achieve the aims of the project?

What was the  end result? If you have access to quantitative results for this project, you should include them.

Provide a link to your work if possible.


your testimonials

“My web content was not generating the traffic that I wanted. Hiring ___ led to a 40% increase in traffic, as well as 20% conversion rate increase. I would recommend ___ to anybody.”


Job Title, Company

“___’s skills in ___ are first rate. The results exceeded our expectations and our business is in a much better place having hired them”


Job Title, Company

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