About Me 

 Hi, I’m George


I am a copywriter, video content creator & content strategist with other 5 years of experience, but my passion for all things business & marketing goes back far further than that. As a child of two successful small business owners, I have been fascinated with the ins and outs of all things business for as long as I can remember, which led me to obtaining a Bachelor of Business from Macquarie University with a major in marketing.

Since graduating, I have worked for countless brands including Jim’s Cafe I&M Plumbing & Drainage as I honed my writing & content strategy skills coupled with my extensive business knowledge, providing outstanding results for each of my clients. 


Driven by a long-held fascination for all things business & marketing, I will produce a high standard of work for your business

  • Copywriting 100% 100%
  • Content Strategy 85% 85%
  • Video Content 85% 85%
  • Gardening Skills 50% 50%


Over the course of my career, I have dedicated time and effort into perfecting my craft. First beginning as a copywriter, I have since expanded into video content, and continue to develop my skillset. I don’t mind doing a bit of gardening on the side, but haven’t quite got my green thumb yet.

When I’m not working.. 


In recent years, I’ve developed a passion for all things gardening. I’m still very much a novice, but I enjoy nothing more than getting my hands in the soil and watching little seedlings blossom into a beautiful, vibrant garden.

I also enjoy camping, stand-up comedy, and a good film.

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